Frequently Asked Questions

For Clients

PMU is a free service for all of our users searching for Permanent Makeup Artists. You’ll never be asked to pay any fees to search the site or reach out to Artist.

We’re always working on making sure we have Permanent Makeup professionals to suit your needs. If you’re not getting exactly what you’re looking for, try searching with different keywords. You can also use the secondary filters – category, language and distance – to get more specific search results.

From the homepage, choose category to describe the type of procedure you’re looking for (eyebrows, lips, cover up, etc.) then choose your location and language. After hitting search, you’ll get a list of professionals within range of your specified location who fit your search criteria. From the search results, you can look through to the artist`s profile to find contact information, pricing, examples of their work, and more.

For PMU Artists

Whether you have decades of experience or you’re just starting out as a permanent makeup artist, we want to make it easier to find the clients who are looking for your exact set of skills PMU is an online directory for permanent makeup artists of all genres to showcase their work in a visually captivating way and to reach potential clients. With us you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising campaign. We will do it for you. Just sign up, create your profile and sit back. We will do the rest.

There is no application process to be listed on PMU Your work should speak for itself, and users should be able to choose from the widest variety of permanent makeup professionals that they have access to.

Of course. In addition to your initial profile you can register as many locations as you wish. There are no restrictions on listing`s location. Simply register as a new location the same way you did during your original profile set up and you good to go.

During registration process you`ll be asked to fill out the Permanent Makeup Artist profile form ( simple form with general information about your business and services) where you can multi-select categories of services that you provide. After completing your registration and setting up your profile, your business listing will be included in search results based on categories that you choose.

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